Hair color

Light brown

Eye color




Wendy is a classmate of Sally and Doowee. She is a talented actress and makeup artist. She was the one responsible for sending videos and pictures of Kareena in public so that everyone would know what she was really like.


Wendy has fair skin with blue almond-shaped eyes. She has short caramel colored hair with several strands sticking up.

She wears a mint camisole with emerald details and red belt, raspberry pants, and a pair of shoes. She wears small emerald earrings.


Wendy is a sweet and helpful girl. However, she makes no attempts to hide her envious nature towards her ungrateful friend and felt no remorse for her actions after she was caught. But once Kareena realizes how badly she behaved and starts to act nicer, the girls reconciled.

She enjoys reading.

Episode Appearance

The Client in the Clouds - 0:30

Ripped Off Rap - 8:18

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