Vanessa is a twelve year old girl and Sally and Doowee's classmate. She is friends with Julie and Melody.


Vanessa is a brown-tan skinned girl with light green eyes and short spiked whittish yellow hair with pink streaks on the ends and held with a red star clip. She wears a short green top with violet sleeves coming out, she wears a golden skirt with a brown belt tied around it and sap green (dull brown) ring print. She also has on her purple with green and lemon yellow pants/leggings, gold boots with white fur accenting on the top, and two silver bracelets.


Vanessa enjoys singing and she likes to sing. She even enjoyed Doowee's very first which was really terrific, she also works in the school concert and also loves singing along. She is a very good singer and a participator in the school concert. She also became a star within the school.




Hair color

White with pink

Eye color



African American

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