Two Heads are Better than One
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Season Season 1
Episode # 1-48
Clients Stephanie
Suspects Andy
Episode Guide
Previous The Fortune Teller
Next Caught Red Handed


Someone ripped off Stephanie's presidential election poster off the election board.

Stephanie quickly asked Sally Bollywood and Doowee McAdam to investigate on who is coming to expose her.

They quickly suspect that it is Oliver, her election rival since he is probably trying to get her disqualified so he could win since he lost the election for 3 years straight.

Oliver said that he wasn't near the picture and he was trying to pass out stuff to help him win. Sally and Doowee took a visit to the school overnight and saw a shadow running around the hallways and they found Oliver but then he said he was getting other stuff while all three of the had to clean up a mess they created.

They took a visit to Stephanie's office and found her helper, Andy. They asked him a few questions on where he was and he was giving Sally interesting facts about random stuff and Doowee was trying to alert her that it was time to go.

Then, they remembered Jenny, Stephanie's ex-helper. She said to Sally that she was planning a way to expose Stephanie in one of her speeches. When Sally thought that she found the culprit, Doowee told her that Andy was the real culprit.

They found Andy typing up one of Stephanie's speeches and told them that he did it because he never got credit from Stephanie on his speeches so he was planning for revenge. When they al this to everyone, they booed at Andy and Stephanie but when they said that they do great when they work together as a team, they won the election.

The episode closed when Doowee got two tickets to go on a canoe ride and said "Well why not, two is better than one."


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