Trapped by the Internet
Episode trappedbytheinternet
Season Season 1
Episode # 1-02
Written by Francis Launay
François Turquety
Directed by Alexis Ducord
Jeremie Hoarau
Storyboard by Nicholas Pawlowski
Clients Stan
Suspects Renan
Episode Guide
Previous Cockroach Capers
Next Talent Will Out

Someone is sabotaging all the computers to make Stan a victim of cyber-bullying.

At first, Sally and Doowee suspected that it was Stan that was sabotaging the pages online but the real reason that he was there because he is "Blogger Boy". So that meant someone else was there.

Later Sally and Doowee found Renan as the culprit. Renan said that he found out that Stan was "Blogger Boy" and wanted to spread his secret so he would become more popular in the school.



  • Stan is actually "Blogger Boy"
  • Stan and Renan are outsiders of the whole school
  • According to the data Doowee pulled from the school computers, the date of the events have taken place around October 11 - 13, 2008 due to the show using metrics.
  • Stan confirms he is a vegatarian.
  • In the internet cafe, there is a computer monitor displaying the Google homepage.
  • The codes used in the script to launch the virus are entirely gibbership and would not at all function or be a real threat in the real world.

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