(NOTE): This is a WIP idea. This page is to coincide with Cockroach Capers only this is entirely the transcript rather than a synopsis from the main article. This is a way to expand the episodes' information without overloading the page. These pages are Not Suppose to have Images, just text.

The scene begins at the school late at night. Someone is sneaking in the science lab attempting to steal a science project. Before he could nab the subject, the hallway lights up, forcing the thief to hide.
Janitor Yuck, were you born like that or a science experiment gone wrong.


The janitor then leaves and shuts off the lights. Soon the knob turns from the inside and the thief opens the door and flees the scene, leaving the empty laboratory flask behind.
Albert Sally, please help me, someone kidnap my science project!
Sally S.B.I is listening Albert.
Albert You see I genetically modified a cockroach cell to create a mutant centipede. I created a super cockroach. It can run at twice the speed than an ordinary cockroach.
Doowee Our agency never passes judgment on clients, but I think you're nuts.
Albert I got to get my roach back by tomorrow. If I don't I get a zero for my science project.
Sally Okay, we are overwhelmed but the S.B.I will take the job.
Harry Sally, my office. Now!
Scene Cut
Harry Hmm, let's see. This morning you had your cereal, then you bought a Miss Teenager magazine, and you were late at school, and you got 8 out of 20 on your math test. As Shiva said, you can't fool an old elephant.
Sally 0 out of 20. A good detective doesn't imagine, he proves. You taught me that.
Harry There is a corn flake stuck to your shoulder, you're wearing the bracelet that came free with Miss Teenager this week, so you had no money to take the bus so you must have been late for school.
Sally Okay, you're right about the cereal, but the math was-
Harry Is it imagination? They came in the post this morning and I am not happy.
Sally I- I can explain-
Harry You have to be more focused Sally. Until you results improve, no more investigations, understood?
Sally What! But I just taken a case.
Harry That's my last word, now run along I've got work to do.

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