The White Bear
Season Season 1
Episode # 1-19
Clients Louis
Debut Louis
Episode Guide
Previous Liz's Secret Diary
Next The Guardians


The episode opens with Fluff Daffy driving into his estate, where Louis is playing fetch with Dollar, his dog.Fluff Daffy briefly explains/brags about his new diamond, The White Bear, and then heads inside.Louis then throws the ball again, when all of the lights turn off!Fluff Daffy protests and lights his lighter.He realizes The White Bear has been stolen just as Louis calls out for Dollar, panicked.

After the title, it then cuts to Louis in the SBI, Doowee excited that Louis is Fluff Daffy's son.Sally remains quite professional, and Doowee asks Louis if he brought a photo of Dollar, which he did.Sally then asks about bad habits of Dollar's, and reassures Louis that they'll find him, just as Harry comes in.He is soon cut off speaking by Mrs Apu, who is heard shouting from upstairs.Sally then excuses herself and apologises for the 'slight administrative problem'.CURRENTLY INCOMPLETE.

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