The Killer Curry
Season Season 1
Episode # 1-23
Clients Nigel
Suspects Bridget Brickhouse
Episode Guide
Previous Go Kart Wars
Next Serial Thief


When Grade A-Student Nigel gets bad grades on his report card, he was punished and it was up to Sally to find out where his real report card is. They collect clues when they see Bridget Brickhouse get bad grades in math class but does well in sports and rope climbing and martial arts. Sally finds out it was Bridget who swapped Nigel's grades with her's. Sally and Bridget have a battle and Sally won.

They then hear from Marchelo that his curry that makes his special dishes has been stolen. Now, Doowee is hunting for who stole the curry from the school cafeteria.

They then find out that it was the man who came to test Marchelo's cooking with the curry.

Sally, Doowee, Nigel, & Bridget had a meal with Marchelo for finding his curry and Bridget was excited to defeat Nigel in martial arts.


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