The Egg War
Season Season 1
Episode # 1-46
Clients Entire Class
Suspects Melvin
Lee Wang
Debut Season 1
Episode Guide
Previous The Stink Bomb
Next The Fortune Teller

There are eggs everywhere in Constance's classroom and she punishes the whole class. Cindy and Bob were the top 2 kids who weren't okay with this. They said to Sally Bollywood and Doowee McAdam that they don't want to keep this going and they asked Sally and Doowee to investigate who's actually causing this mess.

At first they saw Lee Wang carrying eggs and he made an excuse that his mother told him to buy them. Also, they suspected something else since they know Lee was one of the shyest people in the school and he's hanging around people like Melvin and Phill.

When they see another crime scene they went to investigate and the eggs were completely dry and they tested out how long does it take for an egg to dry up.

When they heard of the "Secret Fighters Club", Sally and Doowee figured out that it had to be more than 1 or 2 people. And they suspected that Betty was one of the members since she was acting like a dog in the hallway.

Then they started to get the members names down by the handshake: it was Melvin, Phill, Lee Wang, Betty, Bridget, Cassie, Jason, Sacha, & Jessica and all 8 of them(excluding Melvin) received a message.

When Sally and Doowee guessed it was going to be at the gym. Doowee went in to stop the fight and it backfired and Sally came in to stop the whole thing because this whole thing was made up for all of them to act like clowns.

Betty and Lee Wang were the first ones to quit the group and all 9 of them had to clean up the crime scene.


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