The Case of the Missing Cat
Season Season 1
Episode # 1-13
Clients Naomi
Suspects Cassie
Debut Cassie
Episode Guide
Previous From Bombay with Love
Next Cousin Bouleh

A new girl has arrived At Bombay High School and mostly hangs out with Jasmine, Naomi, and Alma.

Jasmine, Alma, and Naomi all love cats as pets. The new girl "also has" a cat named Blossom. When Alma, Jasmine, and Naomi were coming over to see the cat, the new girl, Cassie, discovers that her cat was kidnapped.

Naomi came in for Cassie asking Sally and Doowee to investigate. They asked Cassie where are her siblings and she said that her parents were at work and her brother was at camping.

Doowee analyzed the feet marks and used it as evidence but Cassie kept telling Sally and Doowee they had to stop investigating or she will never see Blossom again.

Sally and Doowee found that Cassie made the cat case all up which meant she had no cat. She did it because she wanted to become more interesting.


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