The Attack of the Giant Chicken
Ep chicken
Season Season 1
Episode # 1-29
Written by Nathalie Reznikoff
Séverine Vuillaume
Directed by Jeremie Hoarau
Alexis Ducord
Storyboard by Mizuho Zanovello
Clients Jason
Suspects Zoe
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Next Art For Art’s Sake
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Jason is having horrible nightmares about a giant chicken and hires the S.B.I. to figure out why he might be having them. This is proven to be a tough chase as Sally and Doowee must study new means of investigating, hypnosis.

Sally bought a book from the library called "Hypnotism for Idiots". She tried to hypnotize Mrs. Apu and Harry Bollywood but it didn't work. She also tried it on Doowee and it worked.

When she tried to hypnotize Jason, she got someone else hypnotized who is Zoe.

Sally and Doowee find out that it was Zoe who dressed like the chicken in Jason's nightmares.

Later, Zoe lost interest in Jason and gained it for Doowee.



  • This is Jason's first major appearance in the series besides cameos.

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