Personal Info
Nationality Indian
Gender Female
Age 9
Family Dharshie (older sister)
Friends Donna
Series Appearance
Debut Mr. Big
Last Appearance Poster Boy
Voice Actors

"My teddy bear is missing."

Sita is a younger sister of Dharshie and friend of Alice and Donna. She makes her debut, when her teddy is stolen. In another episode she helped Alice and Donna spread posters of their favorite singer around town to help her win a contest.


Like Alice, Sita is a very innocent and sweet little girl. She is naive but friendly, and enjoys things like playing with toys. However, she also likes the teen singer Jeanne Bambini.

At times she is shown to struggle getting along with Dharshie, who usually dismisses her due to their age difference. Unlike Dharshie, she is also shown to get along with Sally and trusts her.


Sita is a younger girl with tan skin and mauve eyes. She has a red bindi and long, dark navy hair worn loose with a small ponytail in the back held by a pink ribbon.

She wears a yellow and white blouse with a pink skirt and white bracelets.

International Voice Actors



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