Pro sinitta
Personal Info
Nationality Indian
Gender Female
Age 12
Hair      Blue
Eyes      Lime Green
Hobbies Painting
Family Uncle
Series Appearance
Season(s) Season 1
Debut Trouble at the Museum
Voice Actors

Sinitta is a client in the episode Trouble At The Museum. She also goes to school with Sally and Doowee. Doowee had a crush on Sinitta for a while, until he and Sally found out she was a criminal. 


Towards the SBI, Sinitta is very sweet, shy and kind. Sinitta, is an Artist at school and parents work at the Art museum. She has two friends who are the same personality as her, Cassie and Nermula. They do art and design together.


Sinitta is a brown skinned girl with ivy-green eyes and black hair with a green shine to it. Her hair is in a bun which she keeps up with a white spiky scrunchie. She has a red gem in the middle of her forehead and has pink earrings. She wears a pink top with green lining to match her bracelet, puffed pants, and sash that goes from her shoulder to her pants.


  • Manipulation - she uses her beauty to try to convince Doowee that she's innocent. 
  • Art- She can paint and design very well- the art teacher made her president of Art and design when Sam teased her art work.


Liz's Secret Diary - 2:55

Mr. Big

Two Heads are Better than One

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