Serial Treachery
Season Season 2
Episode # 2-30
Written by Melanie Duval
Storyboard by Patrick Schwerdtle
Clients Sally
Suspects Rebecca
Episode Guide
Previous Detention
Next Starry Eyed
Serial Treachery started out with Rebecca and Dharshie leaving each other for an audition tape.

Sally investigated Rebecca and Doowee investigated Dharshie. They were both crying about how they thought they lost each other's trust for each other.

Doowee kept leaving the SBI office for lame excuses like "swimming practice", he takes some of the equipment for "his notes", and his claims that "his dad is waiting".

When Sally went to visit Doowee's house, his mom said that his dad left to Los Angeles and won't be back for two weeks.

Sally found out that Doowee was lying to her and she had to use the big camera since Doowee took all the equipment and her phone was broken.

When Sally followed Doowee to the audition. Rebecca thought Dharshie was teaming up with Doowee and ran off and she was found the criminal since they both wanted to do something different.

At the end, Doowee fixed Sally's phone and she kissed him and thanked him.



  • This is the only episode where Doowee keeps secrets from Sally

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