Sally Bollywood
164517b Toon-SallyBolly-BG
Personal Info
Nationality Indian
Gender ♀ Female
Age 12
13 (Birthday Surprise)
Hair      Violet
Eyes      Brown
Hobbies Dancing
Occupation S.B.I.
Family Harry Bollywood (father)
Mrs. Bollywood (mother)
Bouleh (cousin)
Friends Doowee
Series Appearance
Season(s) Season 1
Season 2
Debut Cockroach Capers
Voice Actors
French Fily Keita
English Sarah Aubrey
Polish Monika Pikuła
Gallery (51) Images

"This looks like a job for the S.B.I."
Sally Bollywood

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Sally Bollywood is the 12/13-year-old protagonist of the show.


Sally is a pale brown skinned girl with caramel brown colored eyes and a red bindi at the center of her forehead. She has long, flowing purple hair that she keeps out of her face. She wears a lilac top with an elephant image on it, and a lilac skirt with an orange cloth tied around the top matching her puffed pants worn underneath. which is her sari.

Her shoes consist of orange flats with lilac legwarmers. She wears gold dangle earrings and bracelets.


Sally is assertive, confident and a private detective like her father. To Sally, her father is the coolest guy on Earth, which is why she set up her own detective agency called S.B.I (Sally Bollywood Investigations) with her best friend Doowee. When Sally investigates, she's dynamic, resourceful and intelligent. She sometimes finds herself in a difficult situations, but that never stops her from trying and she ultimately lands on her feet. Sally's second passion is singing. And don't say that it's incompatible with a detective's profession: 'Pop Star' is the perfect disguise for working under cover! On her slumber party she invited Betty, Emma and Rebecca, what suggests they are her close friends.



  • Detective Skills - She has an entire business based on investigation.
  • Kalaripayattu - She claims to be a master of the Indian martial art
  • Athletic - She is very agile and can jump very high for a teenager.
  • Dancing - Most of her dancing skills are inspired by Natya Shastra.
  • Mathematics - Sally always gets A's on her math tests.


  • Cooking - She is proven to be a terrible cook.
  • Gadgets - She still has no real clue how to use Doowee's Gadgets when she needs to.
  • Singing - Her singing is either hit or miss, but more often a miss.

International cast


  • "This looks like a job for the S.B.I."
  • "A Bollywood never gives up!"


  • In some official art, Sally will be shown wearing a long sleeved shirt, or have one long sleeve instead.
  • In Talent Will Out, Sally was depicted as tone-deaf despite being a good singer normally.
  • The elephant on her shirt often changes direction. 
  • Despite learning that she shouldn't make snap decisions, Sally tends to never fully learn this.
  • She was invited for a dance by Lee, for what looked like a date, but Doowee was the first boy who ever kissed her.
  • Baskup sally

    Sally in Baskup Tony Parker

    In season 2 of another animated show, "Baskup Tony Parker", Team High 5 goes up against Bollywood, whose team captain holds a striking resemblance to Sally, even sharing the same name. In this incarnation, Sally's a famous Bollywood actress and professional street basketball player. Rudy and Sally share a passionate kiss and become forbidden lovers for only one of two episodes she played a role in.
Sally Bollywood

Sally in the cartoon.

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