Personal Info
Nationality Swedish
Gender Male
Age 12
Hair      Brown
Eyes      Brown
Series Appearance
Season(s) Season 1
Season 2
Debut Bling Bling
Last Appearance Detention
Voice Actors
Sacha's first appearance was in "Bling Bling", his last appearance being in "Detention".


Sacha is a shy and well behaved person, similar to Lee Wang and Betty.

His feelings can be easily hurt, for example in "Detention", he was desperate in getting a detention to avoid being bullied.


Sacha has brown short cut hair with eyes coloured similarly to his hair. He wears a yellow t-shirt with a green bomber jacket on top.


  • He was a suspect at least three times.
  • He has been a client of Sally and Doowee's three times.
  • He is apart of the Secret Fighters Club.

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