Room with a Curse
Season Season 1
Episode # 1-15
Clients Vanille
Suspects Bill
Debut Vanille
Episode Guide
Previous Cousin Bouleh
Next Operation Nerd


Something strange is happening near a young girl's house. A strange spirit is haunting her each night that she will face a punishment if she doesn't give up her room.


The young girl named Vanille asks Sally and Doowee to investigate on how this spirit is able to haunt her each night. One of the solutions that Sally came up with is to sleepover at Vanille's house. Overnight, she asked Harry if she could go and he said yes, so she came over with a camera and slept in Vanille's room, where the crime scene happened.

She sees and thinks the spirit is a real ghost while running away and rises Doowee from his sleep and tells him that she saw it but she didn't get a snapshot. Vanille decided to switch rooms with her brother Bill. They see a clue that the spirit is just made up and the voice is projected from the drain pipes.

They see that the only person who could have done this was Bill. So overnight, Sally, Doowee, and Vanille played the same trick on him. They find out that he did it because he thought that it was unfair that Vanille got a better room than him since she was older. Then, she made a deal that she and him would switch rooms every six months.

Characters & Roles

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