Rock 'N' Roll Dad
Season Season 2
Episode # 2-01
Clients Max
Suspects Julie
Debut N/A
Episode Guide
Previous International Day
Next Comic Book Caper

Some one is sabatoging the Fuzzy Frogs' instruments. Tommy quickly asks Sally and Doowee to investigate on who is causing this mess.

Jeremy was the Fuzzy Frogs' third member but he was injured and told Sally and Doowee to go to Tommy's house to talk to his dad after his dad replaced Jeremy.

When they went over, they realized that Julie has been excluding her father and kicking him out of the house. They asked Vanessa is she had anything against the Fuzzy Frogs and she said "no" and she also said that she didn't get fired but she just left the job.

When it was time for the concert/performance, Sally and Doowee agreed to watch over their instruments before they go on. Julie and her dad were running late because the GPS wasn't working so Doowee had to go on stage.

The Fuzzy Frogs' main fans Cassie, Alma, & Rebecca were throwing tomatoes because of Doowee's playing and Sally noticed someone behind the stage and she caught the person who was Jeremy.

But then, when Julie and her dad arrived, Sally found out the real culprit was her. Julie said that she did it because her dad was embarrassing to her. But then, Rebecca, Alma & Cassie said that her dad was cool.

The episode ended when Julie and Sally said that they were proud of their dads.


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