Rahani Gupta
Pro rahani
Personal Info
Nationality Indian
Gender Male
Age 12
Hair      Purple
Eyes      Gold
Hobbies Cooking
Family Jasmine (sister)
Sanjay (brother)
Mr. Gupta (father)
Series Appearance
Season(s) Season 1
Season 2
Voice Actors
Rahani is Jasmine's brother and a classmate of Sally and Doowee. In one episode he was shown flirting with Christina and may have a friendship with her. He is also Sanjay's brother as shown in the episode Art for Art's Sake.



Rahani has tanned skin and purple hair. His eyes are an olive golden. He wears a blue sweatshirt.


  • Cooking - he's a skilled cook, every day he cooks for his whole family and he won the first prize in a cooking contest.

International Voice Actors


  • Rahani, in the episode The Black Sheep, was seen as an avid collector of the stuffed animals. He claimed to also own the panda set.
  • Rahani and Sanjay are featured together often.
  • He has an American accent