Operation Nerd
Season Season 1
Episode # 1-16
Clients Jenny
Suspects Nigel
Episode Guide
Previous Room with a Curse
Next Bus Stop

Someone is making study notes during tests for an unknown cause.

Sally and Doowee's school is having a popularity contest to see who will get the most votes.

Jenny came in to ask Sally and Doowee to investigate on who is making study notes for other people. In the popularity contest, she only had one vote.

Then, Sally and Doowee wanted to dress like nerds so they can get more suspects on who is more likely to make study notes. At first, they suspected Albert was the criminal but he was in the science lab working on a project all morning.

It turns out that Sally and Doowee's plan to dress like nerds is making them become less popular with the crowd. Their votes dropped all the way down to zero and they have two suspects left: Nigel and Christopher. It turned out it was Nigel who created this mess because he wanted to become more popular.

Sally and Doowee won the popularity contest and the episode closes with Albert saying "So this is how to have fun? Very interesting!"


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