Nirmala Pashimbrana
Personal Info
Nationality Indian
Gender Female
Age 12
Friends Jaya
Lee Wang
Series Appearance
Season(s) Season 1
Season 2
Debut SOS Saris!
Last Appearance Fangs A Lot
Voice Actors

Nirmala is a school student who knows Sally and Doowee. After fearing she would be mocked during her dance performance, Nirmala stole the saris and hid them to keep the group from performing. She also stole candy to give to the children unable to trick-or-treat due to being in the hospital.


Nirmala is a very shy and caring girl, to the point that she can't turn down requests. She is generous and feels bad for the unfortunate, and will try to cheer them up in some shape or form. Despite her talents, she lacks confidence to show it off at first.


Nirmala has light brown skin and big mauve eyes. Her hair is teal and straightened, with her bangs split down the middle to combine with her short, straightened forelocks. She wears a decorative head piece.

Normally she can be found in the schools dance training costume with cyan details on hers. She also wears gold ornate earrings with turquoise gems and gold bangles.

Her sari she was to wear is yellowish-orange with pink accenting.


  • Dancing - She's a talented Indian Dancer
  • Athlethism - she's very agile for a teenage girl

International Voice Actors



  • It is possible that Jaya and Lee Wang could be Nirmala's friends since she was helping them steal all the Halloween candies for the children in the hospitals.


Nirmala in SOS Saris!


Episode 5 - Window Pains - 4:15