New Teacher
Season Season 2
Episode # 2-04
Clients Sally & Doowee
Suspects Jaya
Episode Guide
Previous Performing Magic
Next The Sorceress
It looks like someone is trying to sabotage a science class when Mrs. Madurpore was on a break from teaching in a science class.

Sally Bollywood and Doowee McAdam get suspicious on this topic because it looks like someone is trying to get their new science teacher fired.

While Sally and Doowee continued the investigation a boy named Phill kept pulling pranks around the school and was caught by Mr. Cubbins.

Sally and Doowee collected a few suspects like Jenny since she didn't get a perfect grade in science and she freaked out, Jason since he was very bad at science, and Jaya since she wanted her mother back as a science teacher.

At first, they didn't really think Jason would do it and Jenny burst into tears when they think she did it.

The only suspect left was Jaya. They collected another clue when she came late to class and when they finally confront her. Jaya confesses because she wanted her mother back and couldn't stand her seeing her getting replaced.


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