Personal Info
Nationality African American
Gender Female
Age 12
Hair Purple
Eyes Green
Friends Cassie
Series Appearance
Voice Actors

Naomi is a student at Sally's school. She befriended Cassie after finding out the truth between her "missing cat".


Naomi is a friendly and exciteful girl. She loves cats and pets, and is a caring person towards her friends. After learning that Cassie lied to her about having a pet cat she wasn't mad at all, instead accepting her as a friend.


Naomi has brown skin and green eyes with tiny lashes. Her eyebrows and hair are dark mauve. Her hair is long with her bangs spread down the center and decorated with a yellow and white flower. She has a beauty mark on the side of her mouth.

She wears a blue top with a gold and white pattern, a purse worn around her shoulders, and shorts.



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