Mr. Big (episode)
Season Season 1
Episode # 1-10
Clients Dharshie
Suspects Mr. Big
Debut Season 1
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Someone stole Dharshie's trophies and her little sister's teddy bear.

At first, Sally Bollywood and Doowee McAdam wanted to know why no one wanted to hire them for investigations.

They find out later from Erna that they have a rival named Mr. Big.

When they went to visit him, they saw that he had a big headquarters and a lot of people asking him to investigate crimes, they even saw how people were paying him after their crime was solved.

Even Dharshie asked "the detective" to investigate. While Mr. Big was "knowing" where the trophies are, Sally and Doowee rushed to their destination but Mr. Big got there first.

Doowee and Sally played a prank on Mr. Big, making him believe that Doowee wanted to work for Mr. Big. While Mrs. Apu was trying to make Sally's office into a new laundromat room, Sita has a case for her that her teddy bear is missing but Mrs. Apu said it's probably under her bed and while Sally looks for it, Dharshie mocks her.

When Sally found the teddy bear(which was under Sita's bed), she found a clue: a button. She then suddenly realizes it was from Mr. Big!!

While she confronts him, he uses Doowee and one of his inventions which were mechanical gloves that are controlled by a remote against Sally and got the proof from her.

Doowee tells him he made a big mistake, since the gloves had another remote and he turned the video camera on when Sally arrived. All of Mr. Big's past clients gave him a look demanding their money back and the SBI was restored and still had their office.