Mr. Big
Pro mrbig
Personal Info
Gender Male
Age 9
Hair      Blue Green
Eyes      Black
Occupation Con Artist
Fortune Teller
Friends None
Series Appearance
Debut Mr. Big (episode)
Last Appearance Performing Magic
Voice Actors

"I simply tell people what they want to hear."
Mr. Big to Sally & Doowee

Mr. Big first appeared was in the episode named after himself Mr. Big (episode), then Mr. Big Returns, and then Performing Magic. He played a role as a fortune teller, a detective, and a magician.

In Mr. Big (episode), he was playing the role as a detective. He was committing the crimes himself and solving them at the same time. Sally and Doowee fooled Mr. Big by pretending to be in a fight. Later, he was caught by Sally and Doowee and all of Mr. Big's clients were giving him a look demanding their money back.

In Mr. Big Returns, he was playing the role as a fortune teller and asked Sally to investigate since someone stole his crystal ball. Later, Jason was found the criminal and Mr.Big helped him find out the future since Jason wanted to be a journalist.

In Performing Magic, he played the role as a magician and he accused Devindra of being a fake magician at Stan's party.


He has black hair and wears glasses and has different outfits when he plays as a different role.


He is Sally and Doowee's main rival in the episode named after himself and then started to become on their side in later episodes like Mr. Big Returns, and Performing Magic.


  • He is one of the main antagonists in Season 1.