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Martin Shoebridge
Personal Info
Nationality Germany
Gender Male
Age 12
Hair      Brown
Eyes      Brown
Hobbies Skateboarding
Family Principal Shoebridge (father)
Friends Achmed
Jaya Madurpore
Series Appearance
Season(s) Season 1
Season 2
Debut Window Pains
Last Appearance Dinosaur Danger
Voice Actors

Martin is the son of Principal Shoebridge and a classmate of Sally and Doowee.


He was trying to hide his skateboarding talent from his father. He is a friend of Achmed and Jaya. He has a pet rabbit named Shy. He doesn't appreciate how Achmed dropped him to play "Animalville" and he personally thinks that skateboarding is more fun than taking care of a virtual animal.


Martin is tanned skinned boy with brown eyes with round glasses. He wears white shirt and yellow sweater vest.


  • Studying - Martin is one of the top of the class. He has better grades than Sally.
  • Sports - he is good at sports and gym, especially at skate boarding.
  • Hacking - he hacked Julie's account to steal her virtual money and hacked Achmed's account to make it look like he took Julie's money.

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