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Maria is a classmate of Sally and Doowee. She stole Liz's diary and was revealing the contents out of spite after Liz dropped her as a friend.


Maria is a fairly envious type of girl who is unable to accept it when others are shown being better than her or leave her getting no attention. She loves fashion design. Initially she acted cold and rude towards Sally and Doowee when trying to help Liz. But after confessing her true feelings Liz apologized and they reconciled, and she soon became friends with Rebecca.


Maria is a tan skinned girl with black eyes and brown hair that appears medium length that flares out in every direction, held with a red clip. Her bangs are very short, while her forelocks curl inward and cover her ears.

She wears an orange camisole top with brown detailing and belt, on top of a white long sleeves shirt. She also has on denim pants, brown boots with gold accenting on top, and two gold bangles.


  • Fitness - she's a sporty girl and she runs quite fast and agile.
  • Fashion design - she designs clothes in her free time

International Voices

Polish - Katarzyna Łaska (season 1)



  • According to data Doowee found Maria is 150cm tall and weighs 39 kg.


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