Pro luna
Personal Info
Gender ♀ Female
Age 12
Hair      Purple
Eyes      Purple
Hobbies Witchcraft
Series Appearance
Voice Actors
Luna is a 12-year-old girl fascinated by magic. To win a role in musical she used a trick on Svetlana turning her hair green and to make others believe in magic and she gave everyone some fake lucky charms


She's fascinated by magic and has many magical staff. She wanted to play in a musical so much that she sabotaged her rivals. She scared them by curses, which were only tricks. She's cunning enough to make her tricks look really magical. She went to a concert of a rock band called The Fuzzy Frogs, so she's one of their numerous fans. She also likes ghost stories and believes in ghosts, she enjoyed when in school was told a story about a haunted house.


A pale, slim girl with dark blue eyes and hair with bright pink bangs worn in a high ponytail. She wears a dark purple-gray shirt with pink accents and belt, a pair of spider shaped earrings, a long dark blue skirt, and tall red boots.


  • Mystic knowledge - she reads a lot of books about magic
  • Chemical knowledge - she's a skilled self-thought chemist, because she alone made a shampoo that changes colour of hair into green because of sunlight
  • Tricks - she knows how to make tricks that look magical

International cast



  • Her name means moon in Latin.


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