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Season 1 Episode 18

"I want my diary, not cheap excuses!""
Liz to Sally and Doowee

Liz is a classmate of Sally and Doowee McAdam. She is friends with Rebecca and the ex-friend of Maria.

After someone began to publish her diary entries she became an outcast amongst her classmates until Sally confronted her and the girl responsible, Maria.


Liz was often made fun of by the other students or ignored by them, and as such she is usually found alone or with one or two others. She has a tendency to push others away, and comes off as fairly intimidating. But as it turns out, she simply doesn't want to get hurt.

Eventually Sally taught her that acting meanly towards others to keep them at arms length isn't the way to go about things. Since then she has opened up and allows others to get to know her.


Liz has fair skin and freckles, along with plain, blue colored eyes. Her eyebrows are yellow to match her spiked, boyish styled hair. She wears pale blue earrings with flower designs.

Her normal attire is compsed of a yellow dress with floral print with orange detail and a brown jacket with a cherry design. She also wears two belts, bracelets, and a pair of brown boots with khaki tights.


  • Fitness - She's very sporty, athletic and agile
  • Sneaking - She showed impressive infiltration skills

International Voices


  • "I want my diary, not cheap excuses"


  • She is mistakenly called Margo in Sally's Circus
  • She is acrobatic like Sally
  • She has a bitter attitude against the entire class.

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