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Leo is a character from Sally Bollywood.He has a look alike brother named Tiger. Leo has a crush on Kevina but she has a crush on Tiger. Rebecca also has a crush on Leo. He made some appearances like in "The SBI sees Double", "The Missing Stamp", and "New Girl".

In "The SBI sees Double", he makes and appearance to try to help Sally with solving the case, which annoyed Doowee. Later, he, Sally, and Doowee found out that it was his brother, Tiger. He tried to make a love proposal to Kevina but it failed and she fell in love with his twin brother.

In "The Missing Stamp", he is the client since he was the one who lost the stamp. He had no time at all that he accidentally dropped the stamp.

In "New Girl", he, Sally, and Evan were in the math competition but in the episode, Sally and Doowee called him "Tiger" which was a production error.

He made no known appearances after that.

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