Kareena Kahn
Kareena Kahn
Personal Info
Nationality Indian
Gender Female
Age 12
Occupation Actress
Series Appearance
Season(s) Season 1
Season 2
Voice Actors

Kareena Kahn is a famous actress who debuts in "From Bombay with Love". She is best friends with Wendy but used to bicker with Javed a lot. Initially she hired Sally to help her find out who had been "defaming her".


Kareena vaguely resembles Sally, having tanned skin with dark purple hair and eyes. She has a tiny beauty mark at the corner of her eye and dots lining her eyebrows. She wears large sun-shaped earrings and a gold hair piece. Her long hair is worn in a ponytail with a large bun on top.

When not in her costumes she was usually depicted in a peach track suit.


Kareena insists she is a good person who wouldn't so much as hurt a fly- completely oblivious that she is actually a terrible and nasty girl who hardly anyone can tolerate. She yells and throws tantrums, and is known for being extremely violent and bratty when she doesn't get her way.

After finding out Wendy was the one sabotaging her out of spite, she realizes how nasty and ungrateful she was. Since then she has lessened her behavior and even helped get Wendy a role on the film with her.