Jaya Madurpore
Pro jaya
Personal Info
Nationality Indian
Gender Female
Age 12
Hair      Green
Eyes      Green
Family Mrs. Madurpore (mother)
Series Appearance
Debut Don't Touch My Lucky Charm
Voice Actors

Jaya is Sally and Doowee's classmate and one of the best students in the class. Her mother is a teacher in school.


Jaya is a nice, hardworking student who happens to be very supersticious. She has a lot of belief in her mascot as a Talisman over her own self-confidence. When it vanished, she got very frustrated.

She was so very afraid of possibility that her mother can be replaced by a new teacher, that she sabotaged the new teacher. She also really loves rabbits and babysat Martin's pet rabbit, Shy, before being accused of switching it with another because she wanted to keep it.


Jaya has brown-tanned skin and lime green eyes. Her hair is a dark shade of green and worn down with a flip near the end, held with a red and yellow clip. She has a bindi in her forehead.She wear circle-shaped yellow earrings. She wears a white long sleeved shirt with a long yellow-orange dress.


  • fast learning - she learns a lot and can do it really fast
  • electronics - she used her knowledge about electronics to sabotage her new teacher.
  • chemical knowledge - she used her chemical knowledge to sabotage her new teacher. Andi also well as ruin a DNA test in another episode.

International voice actors

Polish - Aleksandra Kowalicka


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