Char jasmine
Personal Info
Nationality Indian
Gender ♀ Female
Age 12
Hair      Dark Green
Eyes      Blue
Hobbies Fashion
Occupation S.B.I. (formerly)
Family Rahani (brother)
Sanjay (brother)
Mr. Gupta (father)
Friends Alma
Series Appearance
Season(s) Season 1
Season 2
Debut SOS Saris!
Last Appearance Fund Raising Felony
Voice Actors
Polish Joanna Pach

Jasmine is Sally's and Doowee's classmate, a sister of Rahani and Sanjay and a good friend of Alma.

At one point she worked as an intern for Sally and Doowee.


Jasmine happens to be snobby and narcissistic about most things. She is a little selfish and openly mocks others, usually with Alma. Once they both bought new swimsuits to present themselves in a swimming race. She tends to care more about herself then others, but as long as someone doesn't start anything with her, she can actually be very nice.  

She also has a surprising knack for organization, but she finds it boring to do it using the alphabet, so she tends to think of creative ways.


Jasmine is a tall girl with fair skin and dark blue eyes. She has emerald green hair worn mostly towards one side with a few strands sticking up. She has white curled earrings. She wears a light orange blouse with brown accents, a necklace with a pink , pink and white wristbands, and a pair of blue leggings/short pants with shoes.

When she dances for school, she wears a blue-grey uniform with the tiger on the chest. But the lining and bracelets of her outfit are pale pink. For her performance though, she switched to a cyan colore sari with orange and yellow accenting.

Family Tree

Mr. Gupta
Mrs. Gutpa






  • Doowee flirted with her once.
  • Jasmine hires the S.B.I. in Fund Raising Felony, thus making her the last client in the Sally Bollywood series.

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