Harry Bollywood
Char harry
Personal Info
Nationality Indian
Gender ♂ Male
Age 40's
Hair      Violet
Eyes      Brown
Occupation Private Detective
Family Sally (daughter)
Bouleh (nephew)
Friends Mrs. Apu
Series Appearance
Season(s) Season 1
Season 2
Debut Cockroach Capers
Voice Actors
French François Jerosme
English Keith Scott
Gallery None

Harry Bollywood is Sally Bollywood's father. He is a private detective and appears in almost all the episodes. Mrs. Apu used to be his baby sitter, which is why he hires her as his Nanny for Sally.


Harry has light brown skin and small, light brown eyes. He has thick purple eyebrows and matching hair.

His normal attire is usually composed of a purple long-sleeved top with pants and shoes.


Harry is a thoughtful and caring father towards Sally. He usually trusts her and is proud of her, even if sometimes he is forced to be stern with her.

At times Sally views him as embarrassing.