Personal Info
Gender Male
Age 13
Family Eran(brother)
Series Appearance
Debut The Invincible Racer
Last Appearance New Girl
Voice Actors

"True, but I'm proud of what my brother has accomplished. I want to congratulate him."

Evan's is a 13-year old boy who goes to a different school with his brothers Ethan and Eran. His first appearance was in the episode called "The Invincible Racer" and then he appeared in the episode called "New Girl".

In "The Invincible Racer", he helped his brothers Eran and Ethan cheat in the race by switching places in the middle of the race. He, Eran and Ethan later made it up.

In "New Girl", he blackmailed Donna Gabriel that if she entered the math competition, he would expose her secret to everyone in the school. When Sally was taking the test, he faked messing up his first paper and got a second one and then placed a copy in Sally's bag. In the end, he was caught by Ernest, Sally, and Doowee. His punishment was to serve detention and polish the school trophies.


He is a 13-year old boy who has orange hair and green eyes and wears a red shirt.


He is not the sporty person like how Ethan is but he congratulates on what his brothers "accomplish". He is also a professional blackmailer since he balckmailed Donna Gabriel to not enter the competition in a harsh way.

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