Emma Percy
Profile emma
Personal Info
Nationality Greek
Gender ♀ Female
Age 12
Hair      Brunette
Eyes      Dark Brown
Hobbies Electronics, Dancing
Family Balthazar (father)
Adara (older sister)
Love Interest Doowee (crush)
Series Appearance
Season(s) Season 1
Debut Doowee's Luck Runs Out
Last Appearance Catch Me If You Can (role)
Voice Actors
She's the daughter of an electronic shop keeper and like her father, she has a great knowledge of electronics. Her crush on Doowee McAdam led her to sabotage his equipment in hopes of spending time with him. She has told him about her crush but it is unknown if anything came from it.


Emma is a smart girl with a vast knowledge of electronics. However, her crush on Doowee blinded her and led her to sabotage his electronic equipments and ruin Sally's pajama party just to be with him. She takes every chance to be with Doowee or kiss him.


Emma is a girl with tanned skin and dark brown-black eyes. She also has a beauty mark by her nose. Her dark brown hair is very long and pulled back into a low ponytail held with a red scrunchie. She wears a white and red outfit with a detailed necklace and long dangle earrings. She was shown to have gold nails in her episode, which was why Sally realized she was the one sabotaging Doowee's tools.


  • electronics - she has great knowledge about electronics and thanks to her father, she knows how to sabotage electronics.
  • dancing


So Sweet! - Season 2 - Crime Flash


  • Her surname "Percy" holds a striking resemblance to the famous "Percy Jackson and the Olympians" and may be the reason why she is of Greek origin.
  • Despite being Greek, she speak with a southern belle accent.


Emma dowee stamp by ec 707-d7urljh

Episode Appearances

Season 2,Episode 20 - Crime Flash

Season 2 Episode 43 - Catch Me If You Can (at 10:25)

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