Double Trouble
Season Season 1
Episode # 1-08
Clients Mrs. Madurpore
Suspects Joseph
Debut Mrs. Madurpore
Episode Guide
Previous Trouble At The Museum
Next Don’t Touch My Lucky Charm

Someone has stolen Mrs. Madurpore's purse from her bag and framed Sally at the same time with Doowee's double camera with someone's appearance. Mrs. Madurpore made Sally's project the best in the class.

When Sally was trying to say that she was innocent, Principal Shoebridge suspended her for 3 days.

Doowee thought the cameras could prove that Sally is innocent but it showed her but she was wearing a watch.

In order to keep investigating, she had to dress up like Robert and Albert and Martin were surprised when Harry Bollywood kissed Sally on the head with the 'Robert' disguise.

Sally observed everyone in the class and it appeared that Joseph was wearing a watch and he was the guilty party since he wasn't too happy about Sally winning the best work in class.

After Joseph was found the criminal, Sally and Doowee destroyed the camera.


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