Doowee's Luck Runs Out
Ep dooweeluck
Season Season 1
Episode # 1-41
Written by Nathalie Reznikoff
Séverine Vuillaume
Directed by Jeremie Hoarau
Alexis Ducord
Storyboard by Frank Guillou
Clients Cristelle
Suspects Julian (case)
Emma (main)
Debut Emma
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Previous Mr. Big Returns
Next The Party
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Cristelle needs help from the S.B.I. when her blue berries go missing. Sally and Doowee investigate for the thief, however, Doowee's equipments continuously malfunction. With no idea how his gadgets are faulting, Doowee concludes he is bad luck.


Someone stole Christelle's blueberries and sabotaged all of Doowee McAdam's gadgets. He quickly takes his gadgets to a electronic shop where he meets a girl named Emma. She acted quite flirtatious around him.

When a lot bad stuff happens to Doowee, he concludes that he has bad luck and wanted to stay home. While he does this, he tries to look for good luck charms around the city

Sally Bollywood continued the investigation on who would steal Christelle's blueberries and mess with Doowee's inventions. She and Doowee thought it was Julian who did it but it wasn't him and he was getting tips from Mrs. Apu how to get stronger. She later finds out it's Emma causing ths mess since she had golden sparkles around her and Doowee's inventions received this as well. Emma admits that she did it since she really likes Doowee. Sally was exhausted from the investigation and Mrs. Apu and Julian recommended to get Mrs. Apu's exercising tips.




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