Donna Gabriel
Pro angela
Personal Info
Nickname Angela
Gender Female
Age 13
Hair      Orange
Eyes      Turquoise
Hobbies Mathematics
Series Appearance
Season(s) Season 2
Debut New Girl
Last Appearance New Girl
Voice Actors

Donna, who mostly went by the name Angela, is a new kid in Little Bombay High School for a short period.


Donna has fair skin and wears black glasses over her light green eyes. Her short, straightened orange hair reaches her shoulders with matching bangs.

She is shown wearing a dull colored long sleeved top with a pocket on each side of the chest and buttoned collar.



She is one of the smartest in the region but her reputation was smeared when Angela was framed by Evan for cheating on a math competition. This accusation was so detrimental to Angela, she had to transfer to Little Bombay High School and take up an alias just to hide from the shame.

During the current math competition, Angela was this time blackmailed by Evan to quit the competition or her secret would be outed.

Angela is proven to be stubborn when Sally and Doowee asked her why she dropped out of the competition. Eventually, Sally and Doowee figured out her secret and comfort her to help them.

Once Sally and Doowee wrapped up the case, Angela reformed her confidence again and decided to no longer run anymore. She won the math competition and announce she will proudly return to her old school again after her name was cleared.


  • She is the person to attend Little Bombay High School, only to return to her own at the end.
  • Angela bares an eerie resemblance to Doowee, including facial structure and hair color. As well as their knowledgeable sides.

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