Don't Touch My Lucky Charm
Season Season 1
Episode # 1-09
Clients Jaya
Suspects Jessica
Episode Guide
Previous Double Trouble
Next Mr. Big (episode)
Someone stole Jaya's lucky charm that she uses for class to bring good luck to her on her assignments.

She quickly asks Sally and Doowee to investigate on what happened to it.

Mostly, everyone in class sees Jessica sleeping in class a lot even Jaya's mother notices it while she is teaching.

In gym class, Jessica is wide awake and excellent at sports.

At first, Sally and Doowee thought it was Mrs. Madurpore who stole the lucky charm, but it turned out that she didn't.

Mrs. Madurope got upset and started to yell that if she heard anything about the lucky charm again, she will give a punishment to.

While the thief came back to the scene of the crime, Sally and Doowee catch Jessica the thief but she throws it into a sewer and explains that she needs it most for her class since her grades were horrible.

Sally and Doowee make Jaya believe that they have the lucky charm but later she finds out. Now, Jaya doesn't need it anymore.


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