Pro dizzy
Personal Info
Gender Male
Age 20's
Hair      Blue
Eyes      Red
Hobbies Pranks
Occupation Rock Band
Series Appearance
Voice Actors
Dizzy is an established rock musician.

Dizzy was once a student of Little Bombay High School and was known to pull pranks on Principal Shoebridge. Due to this, Dizzy was banned from the music room, leaving Dizzy with a grudge that holds even pass his years at schools.

He and Principal Shoebridge put their differences aside when Dizzy learned how his old school changed for the better.

Unbeknownst to Dizzy however, there has be a developed rivalry with members of the Fuzzy Frogs who accused him of stealing their lyrics or not giving them credit. The Fuzzy Frogs even went as far as to plan a payback by packing a duffel bag full of flour that would explode on Dizzy once he opens it.

Eventually, the two would make amends and Dizzy would even invite them to perform with him on stage.

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