Pro dharshie
Dharshie in Whodunnit



Hair Colour

Navy blue

Eyes colour

Navy blue


Sita (younger sister)



Dharshie is a student at Sally's school and a classmate they often speak to.


Dharshie genuinely appears to be a nice and well-mannered girl, but she is shown to be fairly veign and proud over her achievements and accomplishments. She appears not to be on the best of terms with her little sister at times, and has a short patience. She also has no problem mocking Sally or Doowee.

She appears to like singing and was looking forward to singing with Rebecca.


Dharshie has tanned skin and black eyes. Her long, dark blue wavy hair is worn in a ponytail, partially over her shoulder. She has a red bindi.

Normally she wears a white blouse with green details, a red skirt, and a pair of blue and white bracelets that match her earrings.

International Voice Actors

Polish - Agnieszka Fajlhauer


  • When Sally and Doowee got her trophies back, she kissed Doowee on the cheek.


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