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Season Season 2
Episode # 2-29
Clients Sacha
Suspects Ernest
Debut Season 2
Episode Guide
Previous A Bird in The Hand
Next Serial Treachery

Someone is defacing the school portraits of all the school star members, especially Principal Shoebridge. He asks Sally and Doowee to investigate on who is defacing the portraits.

While Sally and Doowee were talking to the principal, the person who was defacing the pictures did it without hiding and wasn't making a quick get-away.

Sacha was found the guilty party and was given a punishment he wasn't fine with. But it wasn't the end of the case since Sacha wanted detention for some reason.

When Sally and Doowee went into detention, Sacha told them that he was getting bullied by two people and he couldn't tell Sally or Doowee.

Another case was spread about a broken window, Sacha was accused even though he was innocent. Doowee uses an invention called "The Robo-Detective 3000" to help them find the real culprit.

Soon, The Robo-Detective 3000 explodes and Sally and Doowee find Ernest and another person the real guilty party.



  • In this episode, Ernest's voice sounds different than from Season 1.

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