Comic Book Caper
Season Season 2
Episode # 2-02
Clients Dennis
Suspects Melvin
Episode Guide
Previous Rock 'N' Roll Dad
Next Performing Magic

Someone stole Dennis' favorite comic on "The Guardians" and as soon as he reported this to Sally and Doowee, they got the comic back but the mystery wasn't over on who stole it.

When Melvin came to buy it, he notices that it wasn't the real comic and demands that Dennis gives him his money back. But Sally made a deal with him that he would help both Dennis and Melvin find the comic and Melvin agreed and said that they have an hour.

When they found a green sweater, they saw it was reversible and Sally remembered the girl she ran into earlier while trying to get the comic back, Bridget since she was wearing a yellow sweater. They went to find her and she tells Sally and Doowee that a boy told her to get it from Dennis and give it to Doowee for a contest but she finds out there wasn't actually a contest and she gets pissed off.

They remembered how Bridget said that she gave them the real one so that meant that change was made afterwards. They find out that Melvin did it because he needed his money and he lost his comic. Dennis agreed for Melvin to help him with his comic business.



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