Pro clementine
Personal Info
Nationality American
Gender Female
Age 12
Hair Colour      Blonde
Eye Colour      Blue
Family Harold (brother)
Series Appearance
Debut The Sad Clown Gang
# of Appearance 1
Voice Actors

Clementine is a 12 year old girl who is known for being rotten and greedy.


Clementine, along with her little brother, Harold, is known as the most spoiled rotten kids in Cosmopolis, according to Cassie. Not much known about Clementine other than her father refuse to buy her anymore toys because she has become spoiled. Based on her demeanor, she could have come from a wealthy family, but this is yet to be confirmed.

With the exception of sabotaging her competitors and thievery, Clementine is pretty good with business practices as she is able to form a duo clown act for service. Regardless of her ill intentions, the S.O.S Clowns could easily make a profit as her service actually meets her customers needs.


She is a girl with short blonde hair with bright blue eyes. She wears violet pants with a magenta shirt. One noticeable feature Clementine has are braces over her crooked teeth.


The Sad Clown Gang - She and her younger brother Harold formed a gig called S.O.S Clown, which they used to infiltrate homes to steal kids toys.


Season 2


Business – She planned a clown performance business to dupe her clients so she and her brother can steal their toys.


  • She is the only known character to have braces in the series.

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