Pro christina
Personal Info
Nationality American
Gender ♀ Female
Age 12
Hair Pink
Eyes Pale Blue
Hobbies Fashion
Friends Kevina
Series Appearance
Season(s) Season 1
Season 2
Voice Actors

"Hey, what are you two up to?""
Christina to Sally and Doowee

Christina is a classmate of Sally and Doowee. She's a good friend of Vanessa and Kevina, and attends beauty contests with them. She is also a friend of Melody.


Normally, Christina is a cheerful, optimistic girl who likes girly things like makeup and fashion. While she may have a little bit of an attitude, She isn't intentionally mean or rude. She usually keeps to herself, but shows an air-headed side at times.

While it may be surprising, she is shown to care deeply for her families honor. She also takes her friendships seriously and in one case sabotaged a friend because she felt lonely.


Cristina is a pale skinned girl with cloudy, pale blue eyes with a beauty mark near the corner. She has lashes on the bottom lid and a small gap in her teeth. Her long, hot pink hair is worn in a high ponytail held by a fuchsia scrunchie. She wears a gold heart clip to pull her bangs aside, and has large fuchsia earrings.

She wears a peach tunic with a heart and flower motif, fuchsia bracelets, maroon leggings, and brown boots.


  • Manipulation - Used this to get Sally and Doowee to find something for her.
  • Technology Knowledge - Capable of fixing or ruining electronic devices.

International Voices

  • Polish - Julia Kołakowska - Bytner



  • Officially she is the first client in the series, asking Sally to locate her missing phone in the Pilot.
    • In said pilot, she called her phone "Phonito".


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