Season 2 (2013-present)

No. Episode Client(s) Perp(s)
1 Rock 'N' Roll Dad Max & Tommy Julie
2 Comic Book Caper Dennis Melvin
3 Performing Magic Stan Ann
4 New Teacher Sally & Doowee Jaya
5 The Sorceress Svetlana Luna
6 Muckraking Rebecca Jason
7 Poster Boy Entire Class Alice, Sita & Donna
8 Exchange Student Kathy Ferret
9 The Crystal Guitar Dizzy Dizzy
10 Ancient History Sally & Doowee Christina(possibly)
11 Night At The Museum Sam Sanjay
12 The Sad Clown Gang Bella Harold & Clementine
13 Everyone's Private Eye Entire Clas Andy
14 Burglary 2.0 Julie Martin & Erna
15 The Black Sheep Naomi, Achmed and Sacha Rahani
16 The Haunted House Blake Nigel
17 The Big Stink Sally & Doowee Sacha
18 Storm Clouds over the SBI Sally & Doowee Cindy & Melvin
19 Adventures In Pet Setting Alice N/A
20 Crime Flash Everyone Burglar
21 Missing Mobiles Robert Benjamin
22 Eye in the Sky Albert, Christopher & Francis Albert
23 Whodunnit Sally, Doowee, Angus, Stan, Stephanie & Dharshie Christopher
24 The Stolen Clothes Enda Matt & Louis
25 Singing & Dancing Sally Melody Christina
26 Sally's Circus Mika, George & Albert Liz
27 Camp Of Doom Entire Class Stanley
28 A Bird in The Hand Principal Shoebridge Bob
29 Detention Sacha Ernest
30 Serial Treachery Rebecca, Sally, Dharshie & Doowee Rebecca
31 Starry Eyed Jake Jake
32 Miss Mistery Jessica Jessica
33 Pyjama Party Sally Emma
34 Sally's Pen Pal Entire Class Sam & Jackson
35 Too Many Cooks Rahani Jasmine
36 The White Knight Mr Cubbins Christopher
37 Fangs a lot Bob Lee Wang & Entire Class
38 Ripped Of Rapp Alex Jenny
39 Party Poopers Entire Class Louis
40 Doowee's Urn Doowee McAdam Francis
41 Beauty Pageant Kevina, Christina & Vanessa Dennis
42 Ring My Bell Martin Albert
43 Catch Me If You Can Sally Lee Wang
44 The Invincible Racer Xander Eran, Ethan & Evan
45 Dinosaur Danger Entire Class Martin
46 New Girl Angela Evan
47 All Made Up Christina,Stanley & Kevina Kevina
48 Asphalt Jungle Albert & Kevina Julian & Mr. Helmart
49 Birthday Surprise Sally Burgular
50 Champion Vanille & Dharshie Vanille, Dharshie & Renan
51 Hot Potatoes David Tom
52 Fund Raising Felony Jasmine Alma


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