These are the collection of gadgets and inventions throughout the series. While many of the gadgets belong to Doowee, the series has numerous junior engineers who are just as capable of building gadgets themselves.

Doowee's Inventions
Gadget debbie
Debbie: A super computer with a monitor attached and a female figurative face as a display. An invention to link crimes to potential suspects. It was merged with various other gadgets Doowee possessed, such as the Fingerprint Scanner.

Gadget emo
Emo-Patch: A thin circular patch designed to change color based on the current emotional conditions of the wearer. The patch must make skin contact in order for it to work. It currently changes to five colors.

Gadget photomorpher
Photo-Morpher: A high-definition camera modified with a printer attached. It recreates a latex mask based off the exact photos of the person it takes. The camera can be used for good, but it can also be used for wrong doing as well.

Gadget snifforu
Sniff-O-Ru: A device that can sniff residue from any suspect and with a scan in the air, can detect the closes match. It even makes a sniffing sound while scanning the evidence, much like a dog would.


Super HD Miniature Webcam:

Albert's Inventions

Emma's Inventions

Christopher's Inventions

Bee Scrambler:

Francis's Inventions

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