Personal Info
Nationality English
Gender Female
Age 12
Hair Colour      Pink
Eye Colour      Cyan
Family David (younger brother)

Patrice (grandmother)

Series Appearance
Voice Actors
Polish Beata Wyrąbkiewicz

Cassie is a new resident in Cosmopolis. She lives with her grandmother and has a little brother named David. She is normally nice and keeps to herself, but she has a desire to have friends that tends to get her into trouble. She’s also a big fan of The Fuzzy Frogs.


Most of the time Cassie appears to be really shy and meek. But it doesn't stop her from teasing others or joining in on things that look like fun. She appears to be bright and has an eye for art, and is generally nice to others.

Cassie may also be lonely, and really seeks the attention of others to gain friends. Once by lying and claiming to have a rare species of cat, and on another occasion when she held a party only for fellow A-students. Each time she was taught to just be herself and be fair to everyone, and that has helped her gain friends.   


Cassie is a girl with fair skin and light blue eyes. She has bright, light pink hair at about medium length worn with a bunch of her bangs pulled to the side with a clip. She wears a white top with pink accents, a pale denim skirt, tall white socks, shoes, and a turquoise colored scarf.


  • Fast learning - She is one of the top students in the class.
  • Imagination - She has a big imagination used for lying and fabricating evidences.
  • Acting - When she was lying about having a cat, she managed to make tears, and pretend the “catnapper” was calling her.

International cast


  • I just want to ruffle his hair! Cutie! - Cassie while ruffling Doowee’s hair


  • As Sally and Doowee McAdam helped Cassie reinact what occured during her party, Cassie expressed how cute she thought Doowee was. (It’s unknown if this means that she has a crush on him).
    • She’s not the only girl to admire Doowee either.
  • Cassie is known to wear a yellow backpack, even when she’s not in school.
    • This is mostly noticeable on Season 2.
    • Ironically, her backpack has a small decoration on it that appears to have the shape of a cat’s head.
  • She’s one of the few people to not have committed any crimes.
    • However, she was suspected to have by Sally in “The Big Stink.” Luckily, Cassie proved her innocence.