This transcript is from the episode "Burglary 2.0".

The scene begins at the school late at night where someone is hacking a game called "Animalville" and stealing Julie's money.
??? (evil laugh)
Julie Somebody stole $10,000 from me!!
Doowee McAdam Oh, wow.
Sally Bollywood Uh.. Maybe you should go talk to the police huh?
Julie It's not real dollars but kudos dollars, the virtual money in "Animalville".
Sally Huh, would you mind explaining?
Julie (groans) It all began yesterday evening. This morning, I logged on to my account in the Animalville virtual world. I wanted to buy some accessories and powers for my virtual animals because tomorrow there's the big competition of the best creature in 'Animalville' and I wanted the very best chance of winning. But when I opened my treasure chest, I discovered that I've been robbed!!
Sally Hold it, you man that there wasn't any "real robbery"?
Julie Of course there was!! Without that money, I can't prepare my animals for the competition and so I'm sure to lose!! (sobs)
Sally Okay, Doowee get the magnifying glass and the fingerprint kit.
Doowee No, to solve cyber crimes you need cyber methods.
Sally Right Doowee, Nothing beats good old-fashion methods.
Doowee I know what we'll do. I'll use my cyber methods and you do the foot work. We'll see which of us captures the criminal.
Sally (pulls out notepad) Do you know when the crime was commited?
Julie Uhhh.... yesterday evening.
Sally Okay, and do you know who entered your virtual account?
Julie (while Doowee was making an Animalville account) No, he or she managed to mask their identity.
Sally Who knew that you had that much money in your treasure chest?
Julie (sobbing) Everybody, it's posted on every candidate's profile.
(Scence 1 Cut)

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