Bridget Brickhouse
Lol 217
Personal Info
Nationality Asian
Age 12
Series Appearance
Debut The Killer Curry
Last Appearance Fund Raising Felony
Voice Actors

Bridget Brickhouse is a talented sports girl with terrible school grades. She bullied Nigel out of jealousy and hacked into the school computers to modify his grades. She is dating Dennis.


Bridget has pale skin and slanted, dark brown eyes and matching hair worn in a bob-cut with a segment of hair pulled into a bun. She has straight cut bangs. Initially she was shown having terrible acne, but in various episodes this has cleared up.

Her attire is sporty, consisting of a dark blue top worn beneath a plain T-shirt, blue and white wristbands, and oversized denim pants.


Generally Bridget is shown as mean-spirited and tempermental if someone should get in her way or bother her. She is very strong, and puts little effort into using her strength, and came close to beating up Sally- only for Doowee to intervene and distract them.

However, during other times she is shown to be very nice.


  • She’s the only kid known to overpower Sally when the two fought in The Killer Curry.
    • However, Sally still gained the upper hand in a Season 2 episode when the two clashed again.